The BMS system came to life as a product of a software architect and successful business owner developing a system designs to tackle common business issues, help the business to evolve, and generally futureproof the organisation for years to come. The includes managing everything from projects and tasks, to CRM systems, marketing development, and strategic planning and managerial duties too.


Almost every business starts and continues to operate in the same kinds of way. Spreadsheet systems, filing rules, book keeping, customer records, calendars, communications, they all become more and more complex as they grow and expand along side your business and staff. This is exactly why the BMS came into existence.


As a platform that is able to collate all of this data, and harness it into create efficiency, accuracy and generally increasing the quality of the business and work provided, the system proved invaluable. This was only the beginning of the story too. The BMS grew to adopt every area of the business, enabling the most cutting-edge reporting, infallible records, plans for growth, highlighting weakness, and helping to business become more and more successful every single day.


Now, the BMS is the strongest tool in multiple organisations, making businesses more efficient than ever before, minimising losses, maximising profits, and helping stakeholders on every level have a smoother and more productive experience, tailored perfectly to their individual needs. We’re still growing every single day, too, adding cutting edge new features, incredible new technological advancements, and helping the whole world to explore innovation.

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