BMS is the latest in innovative technologies that allow builders, engineers and architects to manage their business like never before. By providing a CRM, management tools, reporting, project management and more all in one place, BMS takes architectural and construction businesses to the next level.

Tried and tested through development in real world architectural and construction businesses, we’re devoted to bringing out your business’s fullest potential. We’d love to give you a free, no strings attached demo of our product and talk you through how it can transform your business. Just let us know when works best for your busy schedule.

Project Manager

Manage all of your existing projects and their statuses all in one easy-to-use tool, taking your delivery to the next level. Keep things on track, predict and forecast changes, challenges and successes, and maintain keep a tight grip on everything that’s happening with your clients.

Merge that with real-time profit/loss information on each individual project based on your specific business operation as well as access to all the resources you control about that project and you’ll be in control of business like never thought possible.

Task Manager

Manage your own tasks as well as everyone else in your organisation to make sure that the important things are always in hand.

From client calls & internal meetings to drawing time and application submissions, managing the tasks in your business is fundamental to optimal productivity.

Allocate time, priorities, co-workers and more, all to keep you and your clients in great working relationships that will only help your business grow.



Keep on top of your day-to-day finances with the BMS budgeter tool. Track what has been invoiced already, what’s ready to go and what you’re due to receive all in real-time.

This gives you an insight into your short-term finances in a whole new way, monitoring the money you’re working to bring in there and then and giving yourself the insights you need to make rapid, informed decisions without the hours of analysis or accounting resources it demands.

About Our Best Management System

We have worked with national names and small practices to produce a definitive management system that will help manage and deliver your projects whilst providing a more structured approach. This product was designed to meet the variations in design, planning, building control, and site management. It grew from a simple task-managing tool to a full architect business management system which allows all key data and planning to be one in one place. The system grew from a company that started as one man in his spare room to national practice. It allows work schedules and monitoring for multiple architects, designers, and technicians in the office or working from home.

There are many challenging aspects to running an architectural business and our business management system has been developed over 6 years. We understand the many varieties of drawings, documents, and applications to navigate.

Project stage


Our architect management system is structured around key data dashboards, starting at the top you have management with an overview of the business. This involves sales, marketing, performance, delivery, and finance. Each section then has further dashboards with additional details that can be accessed by the department leader.
  • Client Details
  • Type of Project
  • Project Log calls/emails/actions/admin/technical
  • Project Brief
  • Confirmed Services
  • Stage of Project
  • Tasks Complete
  • Tasks Outstanding
  • Survey Scans
  • Property Photos
  • Planning Application Details and Contacts
  • Building Control Details and Contacts
  • Consultants Details and Contacts
  • Hours Log
  • Live Costings
  • Budgeter
  • Payment schedule
  • Collection list
  • Monitor work hours
  • Task complete
  • Appointments
  • Site meetings
  • Surveys
  • Task List
  • Priority List
  • Time Record
  • Appointments
  • Work Complete Log
  • Performance Statistics

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